Beth studied functional rehabilitation as part of her Master’s degree at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, and integrates home exercise as appropriate into her patient’s treatment regimes.

She also runs 2 exercise classes locally in Bransgore, aimed at strengthening your core muscles to support your back and neck, as well as being a safe general exercise class to attend for your overall fitness even if you are a chronic sufferer. These classes are attended by patients as well as being open to the general public, and can be booked by contacting Beth directly (please leave a message at the practice on 01425 672741 and leave your details so that she may call you and confirm your place).

Anna completed her post-graduate Clinical Master’s degree in Clinical Chiropractic in 1999, a research course which led to her special interest in rehabilitation, and wrote her dissertation on the use of exercise for the control and treatment of low back pain, particularly with regards compliance with different types of exercise therapy. She continues her studies in this particular field to remain at the ‘cutting edge’ of current research, and occasionally acts as a ‘back up’ tutor for the exercise prescription ‘guru’ Craig Liebenson when he visits the UK.

She has also studied the Prague model, attending an Advanced Neuro-Developmental Kinesiology seminar/workshop in Motol Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Hospital. This complements and develops the neuro-muscular rehabilitation skills originally taught on her degree course and she continues to integrate this material into daily practice.
Many patients find it difficult to return to work or to their usual sports and leisure activities after a serious episode of back pain. Others find that one incident of back pain leads to another, and that gradually they become more and more ‘fragile,’ seeming to injure at the least provocation.

So many patients come in to chiropractors saying ‘I only picked up my toothbrush and my back went’ – this is very frustrating for patients who often feel afraid to do anything in case it causes them another bout of pain.

There is increasing evidence that whilst treatment may help sort out your initial complaint, the most important factor in getting you strong again and preventing recurrence is exercise.
Anna and Beth will take a detailed history from you, and will need to know how you believe you tend to re-injure your back, and what activities/sports you particularly wish to return to safely.

They will then tailor a programme specifically for you, such that you can improve your strength, flexibility and core stability either at home, in the office, or at the gym. They will check these exercises with you when you attend for follow-ups, and will ensure that your technique is accurate and that you are not reinforcing bad habits.

When they feel you are ready, they may then introduce you to more advanced techniques, and encourage you to return to your chosen activity as soon as you appear fit enough to do so.

Your exercise prescription

If you have never exercised before or are ‘gym-phobic’ – do not panic!! Most remedial exercise is very gentle and safe, and doe not involve leotards or lycra! Anna and Beth will try to prescribe exercises that will fit into your lifestyle, ranging from walking and simple stretches through to using a gym-ball and demanding exercise for athletes with sports injuries. Above all, a ‘return to normality’ will be stressed, and you will be encouraged to progress on from remedial exercise to Pilates classes, the gym, outdoor activities, or whatever you have been missing out on due to your back pain.

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